Epi (Prefix): To go above and beyond. To add onto and make greater

epiPeople is a collective of individuals with unique skills and talents that bring out the best in each other. The idea of epiPeople sprouted from the belief that potential is within each and every one of us – just that sometimes, we need a little helping hand to see it. Now, we have come together to share our resources and our stories to better understand the differences in people – and celebrate them.

Allen Ang

A Public Speaking Champion, Certified Financial Planner, Behavioural & Career Consultant and a loving family man, Allen has spent the last 10 years revolving his life and the life of others about daring to dream big – and actually living the dream. So much so, that he co-founded epiPeople to create a platform to empower people intrinsically and for life.

Ruey Chong-Narcis

A mother, first and foremost; Ruey is also certified in Change Management Integration and has 18 years of experience with Midland Offshore (Jersey) and the HSBC group across Brunei, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. As a co-founder of epiPeople, Ruey takes care of all the numbers and paperwork – and everyone else too! After all, a mother’s job is never finished!

Reuben Chin

Reuben is a man of many different talents in many different countries. A chef, a pilot, a jazz vocalist in his youth. A banker, a photographer, a university lecturer in his adulthood. A speaker, a trainer, a leader in his prime. Now a co-founder of epiPeople, Reuben uses his skills and experiences to facilitate growth and development in people through mentoring and coaching.    

Hilman Omar

Hilman is the creative mind of the team. He’s the man behind the colours, design and art of epiPeople. Currently studying Professional Communication and Media at University Brunei Darussalam, Hilman juggles learning the tricks and trade of communication, advertising, and design – while applying it in his work as the main designer for epiPeople. With his strong work ethic and instincts for aesthetics, you can’t go wrong with him on your side! 

Lai Ling Ling

Ling Ling is quite possibly the loudest member of epiPeople team. You might have heard her chattering non-stop at every epiPeople workshop or read her signature bubbly writing style on the epiPeople Instagram, Facebook and website. An aspiring public speaker with a keen urge to make a difference in the life of others, she still has a long way to go. Her first step – to make actions louder than her words!

Dalton Lim

Dalton is epiPeople’s resident web developer. Other than being a programmer and website manager, Dalton also works a series of odd jobs such as being a taxi driver, tuition teacher, careers advisor and tour guide – all at the same time! His enterprising ways has lead him to be one of most eclectic persons you will ever meet. Still, there is no denying Dalton’s charm and lovability!