Reuben Chin’s biggest passion in life is in figuring out what makes people tick.

He used his students as his guinea pigs when he taught Photography as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Dealing with university students geared him to handle the whining, complaints, and a whole lot of drama surrounding young adults.

But it also allowed him to identify and nurture their respective talents. He now uses that experience on a wider scale by serving as Toastmasters International’s District Director for Brunei, East Malaysia, and Indonesia. Speaking, training and motivating over 3000 people under his care, he is continually learning and growing his way to becoming an inspiring leader.

From a chef and jazz vocalist to banker and award-winning photographer, from teacher and lecturer to speaker and consultant. While his career path has been long and winding, they have always evolved around his greatest love – People.

Now with epiPeople Consultants, Reuben puts his learnings to good use, empowering organizations and individuals to improve human performance and relationships by helping people understand people better.