Quotes Gallery

We all need some inspiration every now and then. We use these as our phone and desktop wallpapers for that extra “oomph” in motivation. To use as your own wallpaper, click on the following artwork and save the resulting jpeg.

All artwork by the very talented Hilman Omar.

Beyonce Knowles Widescreen
Coco Chanel Widescreen
Leonardo DiCaprio Widescreen
George Bernard Shaw Widescreen
Taylor Swift Widescreen
Audrey Hepburn Widescreen
Jack Canfield Widescreen
Jim Rohn Widescreen
Woody Allen Widescreen
Oliver Wendell Holmes Widescreen
Arthur C Clarke Widescreen
Justin Wolfgang Von Goethe Widescreen
John F Kennedy Widescreen
Zig Ziglar Widescreen
Lao Tzu Widescreen
Dennis P Kimbro Widescreen
Brad Paisley Widescreen
Will Rogers Widescreen