A digital designer with a strong interest in caricature and the characterization of people, his approach to art is to reference, sketch, polish and repeat – in order to get as close as possible to his clients’ visions. Drawing inspiration from Shigenori Soejima and online personalities such as choodraws and kelpls, Hilman’s artistic style pays homage to Japanese aesthetics with hints of Western influence – and a personal preference towards the endearingly gothic.

Before epiPeople, Hilman’s biggest branding accomplishment was giving UBD Toastmasters their brand, identity and personality as the Vice President of Public Relations of UBD Toastmasters Club in the term 2016/2017. Aside from the art itself, this feat was achieved through a careful curation of the media of the club – comprising of taking photographs and videos, and maintaining and updating the club’s social media and blog.

In order to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, Hilman has also made several artistic collaterals for small organizations and events such as: UBD Toastmasters Club, Brunei Gavel Club, Perry Play, HeartWrite, as well as others. Working with epiPeople has allowed him to be liberal and experiment with his style, portraying different people in a myriad of different ways, enabling him to grow as a creative.

An experienced public speaker in Toastmasters and beyond, Hilman was an invited speaker for PechaKucha BNB speaking about his experience as an artist, a Bruhaha comedian, former DJ in UBDFM, and many experiences in hosting. So, you can count on him to communicate not just through visuals, but also through words!