Dalton handles any and all things computer-related at epiPeople. Dalton’s goal and philosophy every time he takes on a new client is to simplify and streamline web design and aesthetics, so that it remains versatile and approachable to all walks of life. He is especially partial to working with new businesses and startups so they can develop a platform for the company to grow and stand on together.

His portfolio spans numerous clients from all over South East Asia including (but not limited to) Malaysia’s Prop Wall, Singapore’s Domestic One, and the Pet Lovers Centre – as well as the epiPeople website, of course! Dalton’s passion for computing extends beyond his trade as he has also participated in competitions such as the ACM Programming Competition Regionals in Singapore – and made it to the Quarter Finals.

Not just limited to programming, Dalton is also keenly involved as an educator, tutor and Careers Advisor. As a bonus, he is also currently the elected Sergeant-at-Arms of UBD’s Toastmasters. Ever the go-getter, Dalton makes use of every opportunity he has to meet new people and make lasting connections. A certified Class 12 Taxi Driver, Dalton spend any extra time he has fetching travelers and showing them the wonders and sights of Brunei. You can even book tours with him and guarantee yourself a good time!